Meet Our Team

  • Shaun landed behind a brand new bar—320 Main. Within a few years he was assistant general manager and eventually grew the restaurant into one of the country’s ten best, according to Tales of the Cocktail. Now firmly established within the hospitality arena, Shaun began consulting, educating owners on how to improve upon the guest experience.

    From L.A.’s high-end restaurant in The Parish to Southeast Asia’s Ellipsis, Shaun was gaining global recognition. He’s even been to Mexico consulting with top design hotel conglomerates. Today he’s here running The Edmon— bringing his innovative eating experience to all whom walk through our doors.

    Shaun Cole, General Manager

    As soon as Shaun turned twenty-one, he hopped into the hospitality industry and began serving drinks. After perfecting his skills on making Black and Tan’s, he traveled the world and went on to become a teacher. He soon realized that the rewards of running a world class restaurant would become his destiny.

  • A message from Executive Chef Gabriel Cappelli:

    "One of the hardest questions that everyone asks is ‘What kind of food is it?’ And to sum it up, there is no one definitive style or type that the food is. Instead, the inspiration came from the format of how glamorous restaurants used to be. Ala carte items, bigger entree portions, stand alone entrees and sides etc. But at the same time, we've done a great job of keeping the dishes modern with a combination of flavors from around the world. Imagine if Hollywood restaurants in the golden era had the access to the food culture we have knowledge of today. How would they serve and present it? Welcome to the Edmon."

    Gabriel Cappelli, Executive Chef

    A graduate of the original French Culinary Institute in New York, whose alumni include Bobby Flay and David Chang, Chef Gabriel Cappelli studied under three-time James Beard Award winner and world renowned Chef Michel Nischan. He has been working in kitchens across the country for the past twelve years, and opening restaurants for the past five, including The Dressing Room, ABC Kitchen and Saint Martha.